Who We Are


Who We Are


PLA has been established as a profit-sharing co-operative that aims to promote equality and sustainability amongst its workers and administrators, and to put as little impact on the earth as possible in the process. Presently employing 9 Balinese women to hand-craft each luxury soap, PLA is able to make a difference in a rural community that is in need of aid. Additionally, we are dedicated to supporting the local economic structure in this Balinese community by purchasing only the finest local ingredients to make our 100% natural soaps!


Incorporating a holistic and organic approach, PLA is made with love and the finest, freshest, 100% natural ingredients harvested and grown by local farmers, “Old Bali” style. With this in mind, you will find all of our soaps to be fresh, wholesome, gentle, and good for your spirit and your piece of mind.


We believe that small successes equal much larger benefits when we strive to tread lightly and sustainably unite as one world, one people. Our products are special, our people extraordinary, and our greater purpose is not profit driven. Rather, we are supporting a healthy life-style through a balance of work, play and partnership with the amazing people of Bali.


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