A commitment to high quality, and consciously created products.


This project was developed by PLA to a empower group of women in a developing fishing village on the beautiful east coast of Bali. Rich in natural resources but developing economically, The Little Luxury Soaps Project aims to enable employment for women, especially women with young children who would otherwise be unable to work due to lack of childcare. Currently, we employ 9 women, 6 of whom bring their children to work with them everyday.

Every soap you buy not only benefits your skin, it creates a lasting way of life for these women and their families.


1.  Packaging

The majority of soaps being used these days are liquid soaps, which require wasteful plastic bottles that have no place to go when the soap is gone but into the trash. Solid soap is more concentrated, compact and earth friendly. Instead of using unrecyclable bottles we simply wrap each soap in a sustainably hand-made piece of colorful bamboo paper.

Each piece of PLA bamboo paper has been dried by the Balinese sun using traditional methods of drying pulp on bamboo frames.


2.  The Energy Challenge

At PLA, we cooperate with nature as much as we can. We work from sunrise to sunset so we save the energy and our daily CO2 emissions is reduced to minimum. We also grow our plants on small fields and harvest them by hand so we don’t generate any harmful substances during our activity.


3.  Chemicals

All ingredients in PLA’s luxury soaps are completely chemical-free and come from our small organic farms in Bali. That is why we have a full control with which our products are made of. We don’t use chemicals as fertilizers, we don’t use pesticides to preserve plants. Finally we don’t use any harmful ingredients that you can find in other cosmetics. We truly believe in pure and chemical free products for our skin. As the largest organ in the body, our skin absorbs everything we subject it to.


4.  Transportation

Our shipments are so small and compact that despite exuberant shipping fees, our luxury soaps barely take any space or make any carbon footprint on their journey from Bali.


5.  Water

Our pure and concentrated soaps don’t contain water so no water is unnecessarily transported around the world. on Facebook